Dress Code

Business Casual:

For the first floor, men - collared dress shirt and dress pants. For women - appropriate blouses and business casual tops with dress pants or skirts.

Club Casual:

For outdoor events including Boxing Night and the Car Show, men - khaki pants or trousers, and collared shirts. Women - dresses, blouses with pants, blouses with skirts. Men and women may wear shorts for the Children’s Blow Up Bash only.

Formal Attire:

New Years Day-Thanksgiving - unless otherwise noted, men - jacket and no necktie with collared dress shirts beneath their jackets. Tee shirts, golf shirts and turtlenecks or untucked shirttails are not permitted. Women - business suits, dresses, skirt and blouse combinations or tailored pants suits.

For the formal dining areas on the second floor, men - necktie and jacket from Thanksgiving through January 1st. From time to time other specifically described events will also require a necktie and jacket. These events will be clearly communicated in advance of the event. St. Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day will always require a jacket and tie.

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